Frequently Asked Questions

General Pest Control

A: Pest control operator has the knowledge and expertise in treating a certain pest/species. Normally they are well- trained & knowledgeable on the biology and behavior of a certain pests to treat them effectively and efficiently. There are a lot of pesticides or chemicals that are available in the market to treat a certain pests and you can do it all alone, but the question is, have you treating them effectively?? Have you identify the main problem of the infestations?. Sometimes do-it-yourself pest control takes a lot of time and money in buying and applying over the counter product to control these pests.
Our Company is well equipped and skilled in dwelling this kind of pest problem. We also have the equipment's and access to regulated chemicals that is licensed by the BFAD that is supplied by our registered supplier that is effectively in treating pest problems. Identifying the main problems of infestations and at the same time identifying the species is one key in preventing pest problem. Right Chemical with proper usage will be also included in treating our pests. We are not discouraging you to do it yourself pest control, but be sure that you follow the directions carefully in doing pest control yourself

A. Our Mission is to adhere the safeguarding of our public health against these unwanted guests through the use of effective and efficient pest management without affecting our environment. Our Company has been providing cost effective pest control services from residential to commercial since 1997. Furthermore, we also trained our technician to be more equipped and knowledgeable in dwelling pest problems in different situations through different trainings, seminars and conventions provided by our associations PCAP ( Pest Control Associations of the Philippines) and PFPMOA (Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators Association Inc).
The reason why we name our company "RESOURCEFUL" is that we always look for the possible solutions and find ways whether its new or difficult situations to achieve beyond the expectations of our customer. We always give you the breakdown of our treatments and what are the pest control products that we are using for. We always maximize our resources and efforts to give you the best solutions in addressing your concerns. Long term relationship with our customers is the most important thing in our company. We make BIG PROMISES and DELIVER those PROMISES.

A. All chemicals that we used for General Pest Control, Termite Control and other services should be handling by care and follow the instructions carefully according to its label. PCO's have material safety data sheets (MSDS) that can provide to our customer to know the safety measures and standards in dealing with these chemicals that are using for pest control treatment. Most pesticide that we used particularly for general pest control service is under the green label category or it has minimal toxicity and safe to use in the environment.

A. It depends on the degree of infestations of a certain area and how long it will takes the program that is designed to your needs. We will give you the best solutions that will satisfy our clients. As a customer, you should be vigilant and participate on what recommendations are given to you by the PCO's.

A. There are a lot of chemicals that is designed for every pest. Because of our modern technology nowadays, there are newly researched and innovative chemicals that are designed to eliminate and control the infestations of these pests without any harmful to our environment. Our Company mission is to adhere the safeguarding of our public health and we are using chemicals that is effectively in controlling pest problems that has minimal toxicity and safe to use in the environment.

A. It depends on the degree of infestations of a certain pests whether commercial or residential area. Usually initial services will often 1-2 hours depends on the size and extent of infestation of an area and still control the problem on several months. Your technician will recommend things that you can do to reduce pest infestations around the area. Sometimes other pests' problem like rodents takes several inspections to control the infestations.

A: Our technician will advise you if it is necessary to leave the home, or only to avoid specific areas until any treated surfaces have had time to dry. Advise your technician of any sensitive persons, pets, or organic gardens requiring extra care. Fish ponds are especially sensitive and care will be taken to avoid any exposure.

A: Our technician will advise you to remove pet food, water dishes, exposed food items, and children's toys from areas he needs to treat. If there are active pests indoors, other items may need attention.

A: Every pesticide requires that pets and people avoid treated surfaces until dry. This is the minimum standard for all products. Once dry, the material will not be easily transferred to paws or human skin.

A: Generally 2 to 4 hours or until dry. Your technician will inform you in advance of any precautions required by the label and our safety policy. If you have any questions you can always feel free to call our office.

A. Normally it depends on the degree of the infestation of a certain area. Each area has a different scenario that's why we will give you some recommendations on how frequent the treatment should do. Mostly for those commercial industries that is conducive for infestations for pests like food establishments, restaurants or the commercial industries that is related on food, we usually recommend as much a twice a month treatment or weekly. However, at the end of the day, it's our customer will be the one to decide on how frequent should be the treatment will do. Our company offers you flexible treatment depends on our customer required such as On-call basis, Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, and Quarterly Treatment.

A. This depends on what of pests and the severity of the infestations. Usually for crawling insects, we usually use residual spraying for long lasting effect of the chemical. We also alternate the chemicals that we are using for general pest control to avoid chemical resistance of the pests. For rodent control, Installation of traps or glueboard and bait laying of anti-coagulant preparation if necessary to maximize the control of the rodent. For Flying Insects, treatment by misting or fogging using water or oil base solution to control adult flying insects. Application of granular insecticides on the breeding place will also be done to maximize the control of infestations.

A. Not as much as you think! Each service is little different and price may be based depends on how large the area is or how many treatments are recommended or required. We always stand that the value of our service is very important at a right costs. We always maximize our resources and efforts to give you the best expectations that you are looking for.

A. Yes we do. Our company offers designed program that is suited for a certain pest. For example for rodent control program. We conduct several inspections to control the infestations of rodents. Usually it takes 5 to 8th visits depending on the degree of infestations. We use mechanical or installation of sticky traps, along with strategically placed baits. We usually start up with sticky traps, then moved the baits if needed. For any questions, you can contact us our office anytime.

 Termite Control Program

A. Termites are silent destroyer because they have the ability to destroy/chew your investment through woods, flooring and even wallpaper while remaining undetected. They eat 24 hours, seven days a week. Also they can find ways to enter your house that you've never thought of. They are small enough to gain entry into hidden areas of basements, crawl spaces, and concrete slabs, through openings as small as 1/32nd of an inch.
The following things to be consider when you found termites are:
• Don't Panic! – Termites will not cause rapidly damage overnight.
• Don't try to Spray any chemicals (baygon).- The more you spray the more you disturb the colonies and they will spread all over your house. It will hard to assess by the expert to locate the activities of termites.
• Call an expert as soon as possible (Resourceful Pest Control) - Leave to the expert. They are more reliable on what treatments should be considered to control the termite infestations. Our company offers Free Survey and Estimate

• Mud Tubes- Presence of mud tubes/tunnels around the walls including baseboards, door hinges, or even in cracks and crevices are sure sign of termite infestations. Sometimes you can see it above the ceiling walls. It means that the infestations carried out in next floor of the house
• Property Damages
• Termites Swarming (Gamu-Gamo) – Termites Swarms may takes place inside or outside of the area. This is the start of termite reproduction in which only small percentage of termites can survive and start a new colony.
• Termite Mound (Punso)

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A. Termites continue to search food. As long as they have the food source, they still continue to search foods and possibility that your property may take risks whether your neighbors has been treated for termite control or not. Even if there no sign termite infestations, we should be more vigilant in protecting our properties. It is more costly when there is sign of infestations because of the damages that they consumed.

A. Price varies depends on several factors. There are a lot of termiticides that is available on the market. There are baiting methods, applying of termiticide solution around the perimeter and other more. Sometimes our company depends on the purchasing power of our clients. We will give you the possible methods for termite control program that is suited to your financial capacity. Our goal is to give you the best value services that we have at the right price. We can give you flexible terms depend on our agreement. Also our termite control programs offers Warranty period for a certain period depending on our agreement. Please contact our office to know more about our quotation for termite program.

A. Conventional Termite program uses lot of liquid termiticides to kill termites quickly and to create a barrier to prevent entry or reentry into a structure. Liquid termiticides give quicker results,
than baits, even when compared with the newer non-repellent termiticides
that are available. However it takes a lot of Drilling, Trenching of holes or it is more intrusive compared in baiting. Baits / Baiting methods on the other hand, can take several monitoring or inspections. Sometimes it depends on how long it takes the termites to find the bait stations that's why sentricon applies where the infestations or termite colonies occurs Some advantages for bait technology (Sentricon) are they can be installed in a short amount of time, its less intrusive, and if you want a limited amount of pesticide applied in or around your home, baits might be your control method of choice.

A. Many houses have remained termite free for years while some new houses get termites in just a few weeks or months. If your house was pre-treated and you have a termite infestation in less than 1 year, it is possible that during construction your home did not get a continuous termiticide barrier around and under it. Our company offers pre-construction treatment / soil poisoning to ensure the maximum protection of our properties for future termite infestations.

A. Most of the liquid termiticides are dangerous. Our technicians follow the safety standards in using liquid termiticides. Mostly it is applied into soil using sub-slab injector. However, our company offers baiting methods which is Sentricon, that is relatively safe because the active ingredients of this is only applied where the infestations occurs. Sentricon doesn't need any large volume of termiticides and you can continue whatever you are doing without harming our clients.